Custom fronts for IKEA® cabinets

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Custom door fronts for IKEA® cabinets

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Custom door fronts for IKEA® cabinets

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A while ago, we stumbled upon one of the best kept secrets... When purchasing cabinets from Ikea, you don't have to be limited to Ikea's selection of door and drawer fronts. The fronts express your personal style, so you should have lots of choices.

At Ricabi, we pair our custom fronts with Ikea cabinets to create your dream kitchen, laundry room, bathroom or storage cabinet. 

Each handcrafted front is meticulously cut, assembled and finished for durability and beauty. The end result is a quality engineered cabinet system and custom look at an affordable price (approximately $100/linear foot). 

Our process makes it easy to plan and design from the comfort of your own home. Check it out below.

The Process

Browse Our Selection Of Fronts

1. Find the door style you truly love

Shaker, Modern Slab, Raised Panel

2. Order a door sample/color samples



Designing your space

1. Work with an IKD Professional Designer online or

2. DIY with the Ikea Home Planner App or

3. Schedule with an Ikea Pro Planner in the store



Submit Your Finalized Plan

1. Receive a draft order (quote) within 2 days

2. Finalize and submit your Ricabi order

3. Purchase Sektion boxes and hinges from Ikea



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Vianza Shaker

Vianza Shaker Doors are made of durable solid hardwood maple frames to provide a rigid structure and an excellent finish. The five-piece mortise and tenon construction surrounds a MDF center panel that provides excellent dimensional stability. 

Sierra Slab

Sierra Slab Doors are give you kitchen clean lines and a more modern look. Slabs are made with furniture grade MDF for durability and stability. Available in 8 standard color selections.

Castello Raised

Castello Raised Doors are made of durable solid hardwood maple frames surrounding a solid MDF reverse raised center panel finished in your choice of 8 designer colors.