Why Ricabi and Ikea?

We love the functionality and versatility of Ikea Sektion cabinets. Ikea Sektion frameless cabinets offer high quality, expertly engineered cabinets at a great price. Ricabi provides more options to create a beautiful custom looking kitchen, laundry room, bathroom or storage by pairing our handcrafted fronts with f Ikea Sektion frameless cabinets.

Kitchen trends are constantly changing and today's hot look may not be so desirable in 7-10 years. Ricabi makes it easy to replace just the doors to create a new custom looking kitchen without the time, labor, expense and mess that goes with a typical kitchen renovation.  Demolition construction waste is reduced by up to 80%.  By replacing just the fronts, you keep kitchens on trend and save money while helping out the planet. 

We will even keep your design plan in our database, just in case you want to update with new fronts in the future. This makes it easy to know just how much that new kitchen look will cost when it's time for a renovation. Planning on selling your home in the future and not sure your kitchen style is right for your new buyer? You and your potential buyer now have an affordable, easy option to replace that look with Ricabi.

What is the relationship with Ricabi and Ikea?

We are not associated or affiliated with Ikea. We are a provider of custom manufactured door and drawer fronts that fit Ikea cabinets. 

Which Ikea cabinets do your doors fit?

Our doors and drawer fronts are manufactured to fit Ikea Sektion cabinets. Our door and drawer fronts will arrive pre-drilled and pre-bored to fit Ikea hinges and front connection hardware. Our end panels and tall panels are not drilled as installation can vary based on the project.

Ricabi door and drawer fronts are sized within 1/8" of advertised dimensions. eg. 15Wx40H doors measure 14 7/8W x 39 7/8H in actuality. 1/8" is necessary to leave a 1/16" gap around all sides of the front to allow for easy opening and closing of the Ikea Sektion cabinet system. 

Can Ricabi fronts be used in spaces other than Kitchens?

Yes. Ikea Sektion cabinets and Ricabi fronts can be installed in bathrooms, pantries, mudrooms, laundry rooms, garages etc.

How do Ricabi prices compare?

Ricabi custom doors and drawer fronts when paired with Ikea Sektion cabinets start at around $100 per linear foot. 

Comparatively, a market survey on Home Advisor indicates the following cost for materials and installation for the following cabinet types: 

Stock Cabinets: $100-$300 per linear foot

Semi-Custom:   $150-$650 per linear foot

Custom:            $500-$1200 per linear foot

Where are the doors made and what materials do you use to manufacture your doors?

Our doors are handcrafted in the USA. 

Our shaker style doors and raised panel doors are a 5-piece construction framed with 2 ¼” wide. 3/4 inch thick maple stiles and rails. Stiles and rails surround a MDF center panel which provides more dimensional stability when compared to natural wood panels like maple. Hardwood panels tend to expand and contract more than MDF with fluctuating environmental conditions.   The composition of wood materials provides an excellent surface for a beautiful smooth finish. Since all wood is naturally prone to expansion and contraction in changing environmental conditions, painted joints will show some signs of small hairline cracks over time and this is totally normal in all 5-piece constructed shaker door designs.  

Our slab doors and drawer fronts are made from ¾” thick furniture grade MDF (medium density fiberboard). Furniture grade MDF offers more dimensional stability than hardwood slabs. Painted MDF is resistant but not entirely immune to environmental changes in temperature and humidity often experienced in the kitchen. 

Our glass ready doors are framed with 2 ¼” stiles and rails. Stiles and rails are made with hardwood maple. We include a glass insertion kit for each door. We do not provide the glass for the doors and recommend local glass shops or online sources for glass.

We do not manufacture foil or thermofoil covered MDF fronts due to the complications that can arise from the adhesives exposure to humidity and the inability to ensure an exact replacement front will be available if separation of the foil begins.  

How are your painted doors finished?

Our doors are painted furniture grade finishes. Our combination of Primer and Pigmented conversion varnish provide superior quality for cabinet door finishes. Our finishing solutions are resistant to moisture and marring.

How do I clean my doors?

Use a damp cloth material with gentle soap that is not abrasive. Dry cleaned surface right away and be sure not to leave water on the surface of any wood materials over time.  

Do you make custom dishwasher and refrigerator door panels?

Yes, we do. Customers must provide the correct dimensions for the appliance panel. We will manufacture in the matching Ricabi style of your choice. We do not pre-drill appliance panels. 

How do I design my Kitchen?

You can design your own kitchen with Ikea’s online Kitchen Planner. It’s simple to use but does require a little patience and practice.   Click here for to get started with Ikea's free Kitchen Planner.

Another alternative is using our trusted partner Inspired Kitchen Design (IKD). For just $295, IKD will work one on one with you to design your Ikea kitchen. There are a number of benefits to using a professional designer for your project including layout and planning expertise, 3-D renderings, complete shopping list etc. Click here to get started with your IKD plan. 

Your kitchen design should include one type of Ikea doors as the software requires that a choice be made. Once the design is complete, simply order your free quote for door fronts by registering your project and uploading your plan. Upload your plan here.

What is the lead time for orders?

Your Ricabi fronts are custom manufactured and finished for your space. Lead times are typically 4 to 5 weeks. Shipping time varies from 1-7 days depending on your location, size of your order and shipping method. An estimate will be given at the time of your order.  We will do everything that we can to ship your order as soon as possible, handcrafting and finishing Ricabi fronts is a process which requires experience, skill and an eye on the details. 

How are products shipped?

We ship our doors anywhere in the continental US. Shipping costs vary by dimensions, weight and your distance from our location. Shipments of less than 150 lbs. are typically shipped via ground parcel service. Large orders of over 10 pieces or exceeding 60 inches in length may be placed on a pallet(s), then shipped by one of our freight services. Shipping and delivery options for your address are shown and at checkout. Freight charges are also calculated at checkout. 

See map of estimated shipping costs for fronts in an average full kitchen here.

Shipping notifications and expected delivery will be provided as your order is loaded from our warehouse. 

What if my shipment is damaged?

Check your shipment when arrives for any external or product damage at the time of delivery. We recognize that you may not be able to unwrap every product before the carrier departs and ask that you unwrap and inspect each piece within 24 hours. If you do see signs of damage to the shipment, take photos and provide a narrative of the damage witnessed within 24 hours. Damage claims not reported with 72 hours will be voided by the carrier and will not be eligible for replacement.

Can I pick up my order?

Ricabi doors ship from various manufacturing facilities around the country, so we are unable to offer customer pick up.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept most major credit cards.

What about sales tax?

If you live in North Carolina, we are required to collect sales tax under current tax law.  

Can I change my order?

After your order has been submitted, you have 24 hours to make a change your order with no penalty.

After 48 hours, orders can not be changed except for adding products.

Can I cancel my order?

After your order has been submitted, you have 24 hours to cancel your order with no penalty.

Cancel up to 24 hours: No penalty/fee

Cancel between 24-48 hours: 15% Restocking fee on entire order.

After 48 hours: No cancellations; all sales are final.. 

Can I return my order?

Your order is considered final once it has been submitted. Your kitchen doors and fronts are made to order and can not be returned or refunded.